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Macarons and donuts (by Carolina Tyran) on flickr

"Taking one step, the  d i s t a n c e between us begins to change.”

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just because i don’t follow u back doesn’t mean i think u have a shitty blog. you might just have posts/fandoms/stuff i don’t really want on my dash. and hey, that’s fine. it’s YOUR tumblr you’re here for you and that’s goodgreatawesome.

but please don’t think me not following you back means i hate u 5ever and that u can never inbox me or reply to my posts or follow me on twitter or something b/c that is not what it means at all.

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「cute girls」/「ぷう」のイラスト [pixiv]

88 notes | 7.28.14 | REBLOG


kakashi looks down at sauske “all of my friends are dead” someone coughs behind him ”kakashi what the fuck” gai says

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